Honda Trail 90

Model CT200

Owner's manual & Shop Manual on CDROM


$10 includes shipping!

Here is a CDROM with a PDF file containing the Honda Owners Manual for the CT200 as well as the Honda Shop Manual for theC200 and CT200 combined. There is a also a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 (to view the files). The owners manual includes operating instructions, service instructions, wiring diagram, specifications, tune-up info and much more for the 87cc engine with auto-clutch transmission. The shop manual includes service instructions, wiring diagram, specifications, more tune-up info and much more for the 87cc engine with both the 4-speed manual transmission as well as the CT200 Trail 90 auto-clutch transmission. It is printable and can be copied to your hard drive for more convenient use. The two manuals together give a pretty comprehensive picture of general maintenance of the two bikes. 

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From the Shop Manual Foreword....

"For proper maintenance of a vehicle, it is primarily necessary to obtain an exact knowledge of the construction of the vehicle. This manual has been compiled to serve the users and give them practical knowledge of the construction of the HONDA 90 model C-200 motorcycle engine. For those engaged in the sale of this motorcycle, this manual also can be utilized as a reference for technical information.

"This manual is composed of three sections, and the third section includes subsections on Construction, Operating Principles, Disassembling, Assembling, etc.

"Efforts have been taken to explain the construction plainly and concretely by using as many pictures and illustrations as possible rather than merely stating theories.

"In this service manual, only the engine is covered. Please refer to the Service Manual for the HONDA 50 for explanations of the construction, operating principles and maintenance of the frame parts and electrical equipment."


$10 includes shipping!